Easy Ways to Give Back

Do you ever feel like there’s no time or money to support charitable organizations? Here are a few quick and simple ways to regularly contribute to the greater good.

1. Tab for a cause

“Tab for a Cause” leverages the attention-hungry ad industry to collect revenue during the brief moment between opening a tab and typing in an address or search query. It also shows you beautiful images that change daily. You get to chose a charity, from a range of options, to receive the money you raised. At the time of writing, Tab for a Cause has raised over a million euros.

You can also run web-searches through search.gladly.io to raise even more money.

2. Put your computer and smartphone to work while you sleep

Want to do the same with your smartphone? Dreamlab takes advantage of its underused processor when it’s sitting around charging to crunch chunks of big-data required for scientific research. They claim that their existing user-base provides the combined computing power of “more than two supercomputers” to help research cures for cancer and Covid.

3. Raise money for charity while shopping online

I don’t want to actively encourage anyone to further patronize the big “A,” but if you have to buy from amazon, why not use Amazon Smile instead? A small portion of your purchases will be donated to a charity of your choice. And there are lots to choose from.

4. Cut some meat from your diet - even one day a week makes a difference

At first, this might not sound like something useful. But if everyone in the world who currently eats meat every day made this one dietary adjustment, we would see a huge difference to the amount of land and other resources required to raise animals for food.

In case you last tried vegan food back in the ’90s there have been huge advances in the quality, variety and flavour of vegan cuisine. I dare you to try it one day a week. What do you have to lose (except maybe some weight)?

5. Power your home with renewable energy

If this isn’t an option, you could try investing in companies that are actively researching or building renewable energy solutions.

6. Monthly direct debits

One easy example of a direct-debit is a carbon-offset program. Particularly if you’re a frequent traveller, having an automatic compensation program in place means one less thing to think about and a weight off your conscience.

7. Try to be an example for other people

If everyone on earth did one small voluntary act each day to make the world a bit cleaner or safer, it would be a much nicer place to live.

Leading with environmentally-helpful practices can mean a lot. Planting trees, carefully recycling, and even picking up the odd piece of litter or empty bottle can make a huge difference over time. And who knows? You might inspire someone else as well.

I like helping people to discover their own potential. He/him. Full-time parent & software developer, part-time teacher & musician.

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